Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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A year in Japan




last night Casey and Jory (bless their hearts) took me to seatac at 3:00 am or so. well, you know, as soon as a found a reasonable place to lay down and rest for an hour in the airport with my sleepsack i realized i didn't have my laptop computer. i had left it in the car. i don't know what time the kids got back to oly but i am sure it was rough night for them, especially Jory, who seemingly is carsick easy. thank you both so much. it was really helpful. well, i slept or something resembling sleep with my arms stretched out over my luggage for an hour or so, which is when the kiosks opened up around four. at which time i check my three huge bags, which when carrying around feels very unbecoming. "wow, i have so much stuff." i am supposed to be that mobile lightweight guy. anyway, lets cut to the chase: last night i "slept" like a homeless person and now i find myself a VIP in a top notch lounge, where you can make your own personal cocktails, etc., because Dad used his flier miles to buy me a ticket (thank you Dad), which was our only option for getting to Japan (Nihon) with miles. the contrast is stark. indeed, i get the feeling of a segregated america: people that are privileged liked myself and people that are busting their ass to make it. i see all the working people on the tarmac, the people that sold me the coffee and food before i found out i could be getting that stuff and more (wifi) for free and at a higher quality. so, anyway, its an awkward feeling. besides josh's fancy hat, i look like a homeless surfer, which in some respects i am. so i feel out of place i guess and i really i don't desire to be here, though i can't refuse a free lunch and maybe that is precisely the problem of privilege. still, i would rather be in the crowded, noisy, expensive, culture of people. solidarity. then again, why think dualistically? there are a lot of people in this lounge that i wouldn't peg as super rich people. maybe there are other people here who got a first class ticket with their miles. anyhow, this is my first thought before the deep plunge into japan for a year: the prime minister of england returns from vacation in tuscany to help quell violence irrupting in the inner cities of london.

we will be in touch!

PS thanks to everyone who were able to make it to my party. it was a great send off.
Kyle Bond
Inter-University for Japanese Studies
Yokohama, Japan
Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, 片倉 4-2-7

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